Aloe Vera Skincare that makes a real difference

Skin is the largest organ in the Human body. It has the capacity to regenerate and become healthy under the right conditions.

Every day our skin is subject to multiple aggressions such as sun, cold and bad weather as well as other factors.

This often leaves our skin damaged and feeling dry, rough and chapped, not looking radiant and full of life.

Together these factors accelerate the aging process, and AloeR® has been designed specifically to help people with these problems.

AloeR® was developed by a leading UK Cosmetics lab. who were given a clear remit.

  • Create a formulation with quality ingredients that stimulate skin regeneration
  • Ensure the effective ingredients are in sufficient quantity
  • Use quality penetrating carriers to reach the areas of the epidermis to stimulate repair
  • Use no parabens
  • Use no animal testing, or products from companies that test on animals

The results of the research was AloeR®, an ultra hydrating skin care repair system that can be used on any area of the skin.

Why Aloe and Gatuline® Skin Repair Bio?

Aloe Barbedensis Miller is a common addition to many products. However they are usually added in low concentration to reduce cost therefore reducing the effectiveness of the ingredient. AloeR® contains high levels of this amazing natural healing ingredient.

We decided, not only would we increase the concentration of the active ingredients but also to boost the effectiveness of skin regeneration by adding an additional skin repair system Gatuline® Skin Repair Bio.

Gatuline® is a new natural restructuring anti-aging active with organic certification. Gatuline directly stimulates epidermal regeneration and promotes cutaneous repair. Why not read the research information by clicking on the Gatuline tab.