Gatuline Skin Repair system

Everyday our skin is subject to multiple aggressions:

  • sun
  • cold
  • bad weather
  • skin conditions
  • as well as other factors


Together these all can cause damage, dryness, roughness and chapping.

The action of these different factors is to accelerate the aging process.


Is a new natural RESTRUCTURING anti-aging active with ORGANIC certification*. GATULINE® SKIN-REPAIR BIO directly stimulates epidermal regeneration and promotes cutaneous repair.

Organic, sustainable and responsible ingredients

Gattefossé has strict business principles in terms of the production of Natural Ingredients, Responsible Sourcing, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Partnerships.

Natural Ingredients:

GATULINE® SKIN-REPAIR BIO is a new active ingredient yet preservative, antioxidant, glycol and mineral oil free.

It is not tested on animals.

GATULINE® SKIN-REPAIR BIO is a 100% natural active ingredient, certified organic by ECOCERT.