Great results with burns

To whom it may concern,

Having bought Aloer whilst attending the Ideal show Exhibition, I began applying the cream to the soles of my feet where I received a chemical burn from using raw garlic as a poultice. The result, a chemical burn so severe on the soles of my feet that it extended to the peeling of skin on my toes and feet. Prior to Aloer I kept my feet moisturised but noticed the skin growing back in layers but the peeling continued as the lower layer of the skin was not healing.

I have been using Aloer since the 1st of April with great results. I noticed a difference in a few days, now my soles, although still not 100% have improved and the skin is healing as it should.

I do believe in this product, as a result of the healing that has taken place.

I have tried Aloer on my face but have not really noticed much of a difference so can't really comment there. but for burns It is an excellent product.

Thank you.

Ms Mandy F