Great results following Chemotherapy


I just wanted to put pen to paper and tell you of my experience using your cream.

I was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Whilst I was undertaking chemotherapy, I noticed that my skin was becoming really dry, to the point where it was beginning to chap and blister.  I tried a range of creams and products from the High Street and expensive ones off the Internet but they stung my face and reacted badly with my skin.

I was beginning to give up hope until I attended the Ideal Home Exhibition in London.  I approached your stand with scepticism and asked one of your sales representatives whether this cream would be good for my skin and explained what had happened recently in my life.  They explained that there was no scent or colours within the cream, there was no parabens and more importantly the cream contained a high proportion of Aloe Vera – nature’s natural healers.

I purchased the cream and I just wanted to tell you that it’s brilliant!!

It really has worked wonders on my skin.  It feels smooth and silky but most of all it has repaired some of the skin damage I had before.

Thank you ALOE R!!

Sadie Bolton

A lifetime devotee of ALOE R.