Product Testimonials

Skin repair following Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy

I purchased the product a few weeks ago I was a bit dubious at the time, but the lady very kindly explained it would be suitable for me.

I have recently been through chemotherapy treatment and also radiotherapy as I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  During the radiotherapy my skin became very sore and red, I started using aloer as instructed and I am so happy with the results, my skin has improved dramatically and I just wanted to say thank you as I am so happy with the results.



Acne no longer a problem

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou AloeR!
I am the mother of a 17 year old boy who has had severe acne since he was 14 years old. For the past 3 years we have tried several creams, washes and medication from the doctor. Although initially for the first couple of weeks the medication was seemed to help, after a very short his acne returned with the same agression. I purchased AloeR back in march I asked my son to try it as everything else we tried had failed.

What a difference AloeR has made

Hi Carol

I have spent a long time looking for the right product to help my son care for his skin condition properly but at long last ALOER has arrived and i cant get enough of it.   It has made a big difference to his skin and moods, ALOER has worked wonders.   AloeR cream has also help heal the scarring and kept his skin moist ,  AloeR  has given him his confidence back   i would recommend AloeR every time, awaitng for my next supply.

Thank you

Leonora Cato

Chronic Psoriasis now feels better

Having suffered with chronic psoriasis now for many years; I had pretty much given up with applying lotions and potions to no avail. However, I have renewed optimism having discovered AloeR and have seen a marked difference in my condition. My skin feels far more comfortable too, so I will be buying more!

John Spencer

Relief from Psoriasis

My name is Roy Sturdy; I have been suffering from psoriasis for almost five years, in my hair line and at the base of my scalp.

Relief from chronic eczema

As a long term sufferer of chronic eczema, I have spent many years struggling to find an appropriate solution to my discomfort. I have tried plenty of oils, ointments, lotions, and creams all supposedly designed to help with skin conditions, and while a few have provided some relief, the effect is often short lived, the majority were just over marketed products containing the same old generic ingredients.

Relief from Impetigo

I have very sensitive skin and for about two months before the vitality show I had had a nasty bout of impetigo on my chin.

After chatting to your consultant at the vitality show I bought your moisturiser and I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it, it has worked wonders on my skin: my impetigo has gone and the scars it leaves are fading fast.

I wondered if you do any other products (cleanser etc...) as I would be very keen to purchase them.
Thanks so much

Relief from Eczema

"I came across the AloeR stall at the Norfolk Game and Country Fair on Saturday and spoke to a very helpful and informative lady about this product. I have had eczema for years and therefore find it extremely difficult to find a cream that does not cause an immediate allergic reaction. However, I purchased a jar and have been using it for the past week and so far it's been really great.

No allergic reaction, no immediate itching or unbearably dry skin, just 'normal' feeling skin.

Great results with burns

To whom it may concern,

Having bought Aloer whilst attending the Ideal show Exhibition, I began applying the cream to the soles of my feet where I received a chemical burn from using raw garlic as a poultice. The result, a chemical burn so severe on the soles of my feet that it extended to the peeling of skin on my toes and feet. Prior to Aloer I kept my feet moisturised but noticed the skin growing back in layers but the peeling continued as the lower layer of the skin was not healing.

More of the same please!

Good morning, I bought a pot of your amazing product at the Ideal Home Ex and absolutely LOVE IT! I now want to order some more and remember the guy telling me about some code to reduce the cost if ordering on-line but  I'm not sure what it was, could you please advise?

Kind regards,

Anne D