Relief from Rosacea & Heat Rash


Just to let you know my wife and I bought a couple of tubs of this stuff after grilling a (very nice) lady for information for 20mins on your stall at the Ideal Home Show on Saturday.

I was a bit sceptical on the benefits of this product (I suffer from mild rosacea and my wife from heat rash/itch), and wasn’t overly convinced after sampling the product at the show that it would make any noticeble improvement.

I have bought numerous products over the years and have only ever found one or two to be satisfactory for rosacea (too many contain parabens, etc). But after a couple of days use my skin does actually feel a bit better. However, my wifes heat rash – which was fairly severe – has cleared so much it’s amazing. The blistering has disappeared completely and the redness has died down.  She is VERY happy with your product – she hasn’t changed her regime in any other way, so we can only conclude that AloeR has worked !

So I’m just writing to say thank-you for cheering her up, and to wish you good luck with your product !


David Gill-Collis